AHDB Horticulture looking for panel members

AHDB Horticulture is looking for growers or their technical staff willing to become members of its Panels which help the levy body channel funds into research and development and knowledge transfer activities which are relevant and fully supported by growers.

Each Panel is made up of elected members (growers or technical staff within larger businesses) who directly represent the interests of the horticultural industry, together with scientific advisors who underpin the quality of project proposals brought to the Panels for funding.

To be eligible for election, candidates must belong to a horticultural levy paying business (either as the levy paying owner or an employee). Elected panel members will sit on the panel for a three year period starting on 1 January following their election. During their term of office, members must remain a levy payer (or a payroll employee of a levy payer) and members may stand for a maximum of two consecutive three year terms (i.e. six years in total).

The Panels cover the following crop sectors: Field Vegetables; Hardy Nursery Stock; Protected Ornamentals and Bulbs and Outdoor Flowers; Protected Edibles and Mushrooms; Soft Fruit and Tree Fruit (including stone fruit). Each Panel represent industry views and the interests of all growers and makes recommendations for project funding and provide a rapid response to urgent industry needs, as well as other activities.

To view the full eligibility criteria, learn more about the operations and code of conduct for panel members, or to apply, visit http://horticulture.ahdb.org.uk/panel.

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