Area of organics in UK increases

The area of organic farmland in the United Kingdom has increased for the first time in more than six years according to the latest Defra statistics.

According to the data, UK’s organic land area rose by almost 2 per cent in 2017 to 517,400ha, including 32,600ha which is currently in conversion from conventional production, with livestock and mixed farming dominating the area of organics.

Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G) chief executive Roger Kerr said, “More shoppers than ever are looking to buy organic food, and with figures showing a 29.4% increase in UK land currently under organic conversion, it suggests more land will become fully organic in the coming years, which is hugely positive for the sector.”

In a recent report the Soil Association said that the number of organic producers and processors continues to increase. Martin Sawyer, chief executive of Soil Association Certification, said: “There is a growth across the organic market for the first time in a decade from field to fork and today’s land statistics are supported by our recent Organic Market Report findings.”

Photo Credit: pixnio

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