Asda to sell new chips from Bartletts

Albert Bartlett has announced that Asda will be the first UK supermarket to list the newest member of its frozen potato range: Albert Bartlett Rooster Chunky Chips in a 900g pack.

The company launched its frozen range in October last year after buying the former Heinz and Aunt Bessies factory in Westwick in Norfolk. Three product lines: Homestyle chips 1.5kg, Rooster Homestyle chips 900g and Rooster Roast Potatoes 900g are available in Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and the Co-op. The new Rooster Chunky Chips will be available in Asda from 25 April and the company claims they are one of the biggest cut sizes of any branded chunky chip on the market.

Albert Bartlett’s head of marketing, Michael Jarvis, commented, “We are delighted that the Albert Bartlett frozen range is launching in Asda with the proven Homestyle Chips, Rooster Roasts and the delicious newly developed Chunky Chips. We have quality control in every step of the process, from the growing right through to the preparation and freezing at our own plant in Norfolk.”

Photo Credit: Albert Bartlett

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