Black raspberries healthier than red

The black raspberry may be less well known than its red or even yellow cousins, but new research from Poland has propelled it into the media spotlight with claims that it is the latest super food.

A team of researchers from the University of Agriculture in Krakow measured antioxidants in black raspberries, red raspberries and blackberries and their potential health benefits. They found that the antioxidant activity of the fruit had a direct relationship with their health promoting properties. Of the fruit tested, black raspberries had the most antioxidants, with a level three times higher than red raspberries or blackberries.

Writing in the journal Open Chemistry the scientists concluded that black raspberries have a ‘potentially huge health-beneficial value’ and ‘should be considerably better promoted.’

The study also showed that black raspberries had a higher levels of secondary metabolites and there was no significant difference in antioxidant levels whether fruit was harvested in summer or autumn.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

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