Double layer growbag brings benefits

Coco-peat substrate supplier Dutch Plantin says that it has demonstrated the advantages of its new double layer growbag during recent visits to several European clients.

According to the company the special growbag has two layers: a layer of coco chips at the bottom (5-15mm) and a layer of coco pith at the top (sieved> 1mm). The advantage of this double layer growbag is that it results in the same humidity on the bottom and at the top (e.g. 69-72%).

“When using other substrates, a lot of the water drops down while the top is much drier, compared with stonewool (100-30%), full pith (85-60%) and full crush (70-30%). The double layer growbag ensures optimal growth conditions,” said the company in a statement. “In addition, this growbag can be used in various crops of vegetables, soft fruit and flowers.”

Research at Plant Research International in Made in the Netherlands has also shown ‘remarkable advantages’ when using Dutch Plantin Optima growbags, which are made at a dedicated production site which operates solely to produce the growbag planks.

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