Early UK tomato season

Retailer Waitrose hailed the start of the English tomato season on 21 April, saying that thanks to the ‘spring heatwave’ its first English tomatoes of the year are available and in larger quantities than usual at the start of the season.

The English-grown tomatoes included the varieties Jack Hawkins which are large, sweet and juicy tomatoes — perfect for slicing, Red Choice better known as the connoisseur’s tomato with its luxurious aroma and Baby Plum, the tiny sweet and juicy variety.

The tomatoes are grown in greenhouses by Waitrose growers up and down the country and are hand-picked to ensure they reach shopper’s plates in perfect condition.

Peter Cooke, Waitrose Vegetable Buyer comments; “Our customers can choose from a wide variety of home grown tomatoes and in bigger quantities than this time last year.  Tomatoes are so versatile but the best way to enjoy this early season crop is to serve simply in a salad with a drizzle of olive oil. There is no better way to make the most of this fantastic spring weather.”

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