G’s expands farming operations in Poland

Cambridge-based G’s Group shows no signs of slowing investment in its European farming operations despite the result of last summer’s Brexit referendum.

Since buying 120 ha of salad production near Warsaw in 2014, G’s Poland has doubled in size each year since to now stand at 950 ha of salads and vegetables. Despite the challenging climate, which can see heat waves giving way to heavy rain, Henry Shropshire, the company’s European Business Development Manager who lives in the country believes that Poland could become the centre of G’s European operations after Brexit.

“We are already successfully exporting small amounts of labour intensive products to our UK customers from Poland,” he said. “This should be relatively straight forward to increase if required. Therefore, with the uncertainty of Brexit, we are certain that whichever way the decisions go, we will have options to keep continuity of supply to our customers.”

His father John Shropshire, who is chairman of the G’s group of companies, recently told an Ipswich Suffolk Business Club lunch that he was worried about growing anti-British sentiments in Europe.

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