Hillier recruits trainees

Hillier Nurseries has taken on four new trainee growers as part of its ongoing investment in its production team.

The trainees, who have been selected based on their horticultural skills and passion to learn, are now working across the entire Hillier nursery business. As well as practical skills, their training includes internally delivered modules such as Plant Physiology & Nomenclature, Pest & Disease Recognition, and Control, Crop Irrigation and Nutrition.

Inspiring future generations is a key aim for the company and its Nurseries trainee grower programme allows passing on of age-old growing techniques and experience as a foundation to develop the latest technologies and innovations.

Charles Carr, Head of Wholesale Nurseries at Hillier, said, “We strongly believe in investing in people, which is why our team is constantly evolving. Our four new recruits have made a great start and we look forward to helping their horticultural careers grow.”

Sarah Mills, Head of Wholesale at Hillier, commented, “Hillier is proud of our new trainee growers who all bring with them enthusiasm, horticultural knowledge and the ambition to do a great job. They will work, learn and develop alongside our already strong and focused nursery team.”

Photo caption: The new Hillier Nurseries trainees

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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