IPM Essen to focus on younger audience

International horticultural fair IPM Essen, which will be held in January, has announced that attracting younger consumers will be one of the key themes of the next event.

The organisers say that young, urban (and mostly also affluent) purchasers want healthy, sustainable and regional products, but also have different buying patterns to previous generations. “They no longer buy their plants in a customary nursery but instead order them and obtain information about them using the Internet and the social media channels,” said a statement. “The classic retail nurseries and garden centres are losing these customer groups. How can these consumers be won back? What must the horticultural production and the green retail trade do in order to be noticed?” To answer these questions a series of key presentations on specific days dedicated Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs Days will be held.

“[Speakers] will explain what specific characteristics exist and are worth changing over the production for. Moreover, they will illustrate what that means for the procedures and the marketing in the company; because this is often associated with a rethink for entrepreneurs and employees.”

The Fruit, Vegetable and Herbs Days will take place in the IPM Discovery Centre, the POS experience world at IPM ESSEN. A total of ten lectures are being organised by Haymarket Media and confirmed speakers include Carsten Markus, Brand Manager for Experience Green at Sagaflor and Markus Kobelt, Managing Director of the Lubera Fruit and Berry Tree Nursery.

Photo Credit: IPM Essen – Alex Muchnik/©MESSE ESSEN GmbH

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