Mixed season for Kentish growers

It has been a very mixed season for growers in the Garden of England, with topfruit and berry produces reporting a vintage year while vegetables, particularly salads and potatoes, have suffered.

Protected soft fruit had somewhat reduced yields due to the hot summer, but quality was good, while apple crops have widely been reported as being amongst the sweetest and juiciest crops seen in years, while volumes have also been higher than last year.

Like other parts of the UK, root crop yields have been down and potato growers are reporting quality issues as harvesting in the UK draws to a close. One producer said they were seeing, “sprouting and secondary growth, all down to the heat this summer.”

Despite the costs of irrigation, asparagus and squash growers have reported good crops, while salad growers have struggled to meet high demand for their crops all summer due to the hot weather conditions.

Photo Caption: Topfruit has been one of the successful crops this year in Kent

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