Morrisons to extend English apple season

According to reports, Morrisons has said that it will extend its English apple season by up to two months, selling fruit into May next year.

According to the retailer, the move has been driven by customer demand and forecasts of a good English apple crop this year. It is working with growers and suppliers to increase the length of storage of key varieties including Braeburn, Cox, Bramley, Royal Gala and Egremont Russet. Morrisons has also said it hopes to increase sales by up to ten per cent this year and that it will stock a total of 25 different English varieties.

Morrisons produce director Drew Kirk said, “British shoppers want to buy British. So, we’ve worked with our growers to extend the season. This move will reduce our dependency on imports, give British growers a bigger market and secure the future of the British apple crop.”

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