New research centre in Hungary for crops grown hydroponically in coir

Coir supplier Cocogreen and its Hungarian partner Duna-R have opened a new research and training centre for growers of paprika and other hydroponically grown crops.

Located in Szentes, two hours from Budapest, the new centre is in the heart of the Hungarian paprika (pepper) and tomato growing region, while other crops grown at the centre include strawberries, raspberries, aubergine, Gerbera, roses and turf.

The complex consists of six polytunnels and greenhouses featuring hanging gutter systems, Priva climate control and automated fertilization and irrigation units.  All crops are grown in Cocogreen Climate Mix coir substrates.

“There are growers in Poland and Austria with advanced glasshouses but in need of training to achieve optimal results with hydroponic systems,” says Attila Ruszthi, of Duna–R. “Growers can visit these trials and assess the results using local varieties, bred and grown at the trial station in Cocogreen coir substrates. We are organizing training and dedicated trials to meet their needs and to optimize our products according to their cropping strategies.”

“Cocogreen is committed to helping educate growers about using coir and associated hydroponic technologies,” added Thomas Ogden of Cocogreen, manufacturers and suppliers of coir.  “At this new trials centre, growers from Eastern and Central Europe can see at first hand the major improvements that can be achieved in comparison with existing systems.”

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