New training course on minimising pesticide residues

Ian Finlayson, CEO of Practical Solutions International Ltd, is to run a new course for horticultural training provider ARTIS on managing pesticide residues in fresh produce.

Ian, who has extensive technical experience in the industry, served as a member of the government’s advisory Pesticide Residue Committee for seven years. The next course will be run in Cambridge in November, and will cover topics such as the principles of pesticide residue testing, designing a residue testing programme, and sampling for laboratory analysis. As well as covering UK and EU legislation, the course also looks at areas such as risk assessment, best practice and managing ‘restricted lists’.

John Owles, Sainsbury’s Technical Manager for East Africa, who attended a previous course, said, “The course was very relevant to the ever-changing requirements in the industry, and provided an excellent up-date as well as a refresher of the requirements needed for Maximum Residue Levels in a very understandable way.”

More details can be found here.

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