New Vice-Chairman for Leek Growers Association

The Leek Growers Association has a new Vice Chairman, Stewart Aspinall of Farringtons Ltd in Lancashire. Tim Casey was re-elected as the Chairman at the recently held AGM.

Members who attended the AGM were able to taste “gut healthy” leek and cheese seeded flapjacks prepared by Carole Pendle, who gave an update on the 2017/18 season Leeks Public Relations Campaign.

Highlights from the ‘Health & Wellbeing’ themed campaign included press articles featuring recent research that shows leeks have high levels of inulin, a prebiotic, which helps gut health. This is now recognised as central to overall health, benefitting sleep quality, stress levels and digestive issues. A range of ‘gut health’ recipes were produced for the campaign in consultation with nutritionist Christine Bailey.

A range of educational resources were also created to work with primary schools and inner-city farms, highlighting the benefits of eating ‘The Incredible Edible Leek’.

The Association will be organising a Leek Agronomy Day in February 2019 to highlight new leek varieties in the field, alongside a series of technical presentations and trade exhibition.

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