Poor conditions inhibiting potato crop growth

According to AHDB Potatoes unseasonably cold and wet conditions are hampering the early development of potato crops across the UK, as well as holding up planting for remaining fields.

The board’s Potato Weekly newsletter reported on Friday that, ‘A mix of dry and wet days, including some snow showers, was not ideal for planting yet growers were able to progress in many areas. Night temperatures have been low with some frosts.’

Although some growers in Lincolnshire and the West Midlands had finished planting and some crops were just starting to emerge, many others were still behind and frosts had caused concern, leading to some Cornish growers to keep their covers on for longer than normal. In Scotland planting conditions were described as ‘good but cold’ with some growing conditions for early planted crops said to be ‘very poor.’

Photo Credit: Richard Crowhurst

The post Poor conditions inhibiting potato crop growth appeared first on Hort News on 4 May 2016.