Produce World launches sprouting cauliflower

Produce World has begun supplying Chinese sweet sprouting cauliflower to selected Waitrose stores and hopes that the new, sweeter brassica will be a hit with children.

“At the moment we are doing a small commercial trial, if it is as successful as we expect it to be then we will definitely increase production next year,” explained Peter Crowe, from Produce World. “It’s a very robust cauliflower, and is the main type produced in China. All the shelf life tests give us more than adequate time without deterioration. In fact it has better holding power than traditional cauliflower, as there is less curd and more stem.”

“At the moment this is a niche product, but we would like this to be as successful as some other similar innovations over the years such as Chantenay carrots. It will slot in very well with such products as Bellaverde,” added Peter. “We think that one of the reasons that this product will be popular is because of its sweet tasting stem. This also makes it really easy to prepare. We are in the business of meeting consumer needs, so if we find other sprouting veg. that meets these needs then we will definitely be interested in growing them and bringing them to market.”

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