Raw asparagus variety goes on sale

A new purple variety of asparagus which can be eaten raw has been trialled by Tesco from the end of April. The variety, Burgundine, is a purple and green cross and was grown by Cobrey farms in north Norfolk, specifically for use as a salad crop.

Burgundine will be sold exclusively by Tesco and the supermarket believes that the new variety could prove popular with office workers looking for a healthy lunchtime snack. The variety can be eaten raw after being washed because it contains slightly less lignin, the fibre element in asparagus.

Tesco produce buyer James Strathdee said, “The great thing about Burgundine asparagus is its versatility because it can be eaten both raw and also gently steamed or stir fried. It is an eye-catching variety that is exceptionally sweet, juicy, crunchy and great for eating with dips and in salads.

“English asparagus is acknowledged by foodies to be the best in the world because of our climate and soil, which supports perfect growing conditions. This is the first time that Burgundine asparagus has been commercially grown in the UK. If customers like it then we plan to grow more for next year.”

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