Syngenta factory workers to strike

Members of the Unite union who work at Syngenta’s Huddersfield plant have voted for strike action following a breakdown in discussions about the firm’s pension scheme.

86 per cent of Unite members at the Swiss-based multinational’s facility in Huddersfield voted to carry out a 24 hour strike on 7th May in response to planned changes to the scheme. The changes, which affect about two-thirds of the site’s 380 workers, see employees’ pensions based on their pensionable pay at March 1, 2015, no matter how many more years they may be employed by the company or how their pay may increase over that period.

Steve Donaghey, senior representative for Unite members among staff at the site said the union was talking to Syngenta, adding: “The door has always been open.”

A statement by Syngenta said: “We are disappointed colleagues have decided to support industrial action at our Huddersfield site. These changes are essential to ensuring the long-term financial viability of the scheme, which remains a very competitive benefit for participating employees. Based on the ballot outcome Syngenta will now enter further discussions with employee and union representatives in the coming days with a view to finding a way forward.”

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