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Cold weather could create shortage of British top fruit

Fruit grower and chairman of the NFU horticulture board has warned that the cold weather in April could lead to a shortage of British top fruit later this year. She told The Guardian that her own apple harvest could drop by 70-80% as a result of frost damage.

“There’s damage to both top and stone fruit, which includes apples, pears, plums and cherries,” she said. “But it’s difficult to know what this means until we see the fruit sets, which is the point when it becomes clear how much fruit has stayed on the trees. However, I think there is enough evidence there will be less English fruit this year.”

English wine makers have already said that the frosts have wiped out up to 50 per cent of the national grape harvest. ““We will need our retailers and customers to be less fussy this year if they want beautiful-tasting English apples,” added Ms Capper.

Photo Credit: Alison Capper, Twitter

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Lidl signs up to NFU fruit and veg pledge

Joining Aldi as one of only two major retailers yet to sign this pledge, Lidl have committed to treating all suppliers fairly, paying growers on time and reducing waste. Lidl have also agreed to increase the proportion of British seasonal fruit and vegetables available for their customers.

The NFU’s horticulture and potatoes board chairwoman, Ali Capper, said: “We‘re delighted that Lidl has publicly committed to our pledge, highlighting its commitment to long-term supply relationships, equitable distribution of reward along the supply chain and fair and respectful trading relationships.” Ryan McDonnell, commercial director at Lidl UK, commented: “We’re very proud to have developed and maintained strong, long-standing relationships with all our suppliers and our commitment to the NFU pledge cements this further.”

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