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Bedfordshire Growers launch dried sweet onion

Grower co-operative Bedfordshire Growers launched a new product at Fruit Logistica last week: dried sweet red onions.

Managing Director Stephen Hedderly told reporters that the product was produced simply by dehydrating the company’s sweet red onions without any additives and that they could be used as a healthy alternative to fried onions or even as a snack instead of crisps or nuts.

“We have customers all over the world but there is always a grade of product that people don’t want, and this is a way of using that product,” he said. “We launched the red sweet onions two years ago on Valentine’s Day, and we have overachieved on sales. We’re very pleased.”

Photo Caption: Sweet red onions were first introduced by Bedfordshire Growers two years ago.

Photo Credit: Bedfordshire Growers.

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