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Blackberries could be latest UK berry craze

Blackberry sales are currently growing at around 20 per cent per year and British growers are hoping to capitalise on the growing demand.

“Market growth is being driven by the same shoppers buying blackberries more frequently,” John Gray, Commercial Director at Angus Soft Fruits recently told the US press. “There is an element of consumers being happy with the product, which is positive. But it shows there’s still a lot more room to grow.”

According to the latest Kantar Worldpanel data, in the twelve months to 18 June there was an 18.7 per cent rise in annual retail sales to £37.4 million, although the figure grew to 29.3 at the start of the soft fruit season. Only 12.5 per cent of UK households bought blackberries in the past year, compared to 80 per cent buying strawberries and almost 50 per cent for raspberries and blueberries.

“With increased production, we think that sales of blackberries could double by the end of 2020,” says Berry Gardens’ category manager Colin Morley.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

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