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Co-op suppliers set up ‘bee roads’

Farmer suppliers to the Co-op have planted more than 1,000 miles of hedgerows to form part of a network of ‘bee’ roads across the UK.

Using its new environmental-impact measurement tool Enviro-Map, the Co-op says that seven different producer groups have created the following environmental features:

  • 1000 miles (1633 km) of hedgerows which are actively managed across the farming groups
  • 1,400 hectares of native, coniferous and broadleaf woodland
  • 455 hectares of watercourses and wetlands
  • 116 hectares of wildflower meadows
  • 100 devices, such as bird boxes, bee hives and beetle banks, on farms to encourage wildlife

Matt Hood, Co-op’s trading director, said: “The need to create a more sustainable approach to farming and food production is just as important as producing high-quality; fairly-priced food and we can only achieve this with regular and reliable measurement of our producers. We are delighted to see that in year one alone, they are already offsetting their farming practises by contributing heavily to improved biodiversity levels which are so utterly critical to the air we breathe and the water we drink.”

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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GCA opens investigation into Co-op

Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) Christine Tacon has launched an investigation into Co-operative Group Limited, believing it may have broken the Groceries Supply Code of Practice (the Code).

After escalating her concerns with Co-operative Group Limited in line with her published collaborative approach to regulation, the GCA has decided that an investigation is necessary to fully understand the extent to which the Code may have been broken and the root causes of the issues as well as their impact on suppliers.

The investigation will consider the extent, scale and impact of practices which may have resulted in suppliers being de-listed with no, or short, fixed notice periods unilaterally imposed by Co-operative Group Limited without due consideration of published GCA de-listing guidance, particularly in relation to a project called ‘Right Range; Right Store’. It will also consider the extent, scale and impact of practices which may have resulted in the introduction of charges without reasonable notice to suppliers, such as depot quality control and benchmarking charges.

Christine Tacon said, “It is now important that suppliers provide me with information to help my investigation. I am looking forward to hearing what they have to say about whether they have experienced any of the issues now being investigated and if so, the impact on them of the Co-op’s conduct. All information I receive will be treated with complete confidentiality.”

Jo Whitfield, CEO of Co-op Food, added: “We care deeply about our relationships with our suppliers and we are very sorry that in these two areas we have failed to live up to our usual high standards. We are already addressing the issues with the GCA and our suppliers and we hope the investigation will help bring to light any additional cases so that we can put these right as quickly as possible.”

Photo Credit: Co-op – Picture by Jon Super

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Tesco & Co-op offer free fruit for children

Tesco and Co-op stores are offering free fruit to children while their parents shop.

Tesco is offering the scheme in 800 stores, offering parents a selection of fruit such as apples, some citrus and bananas in response to a suggestion by checkout colleague Maria Simpson. “We’re Britain’s biggest greengrocer, so we want to make it easier for parents to get their children eating more healthily,” said Tesco UK chief executive Matt Davies. “”As a dad, I know it can be tricky getting children to eat their fruit and vegetables, so we’re hoping this initiative will help create healthy eating habits that will stay with children as they grow up.”

In contrast, the Co-op scheme, which is restricted to Lincolnshire, is only available to junior members of the Lincolnshire Co-op between the ages of five to 15. Once registered children can claim a fruit snack bag every day.

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