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“Over 7,000 jobs to disappear in Dutch agriculture and horticulture”

According to a report by the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), more than 7,000 full-time jobs could disappear from Dutch agriculture and horticulture by 2020. However, there may be more opportunities for gardeners and growers.

The number of jobs in the agricultural and horticultural sectors has been falling for several years, with 51,000 full-time jobs being lost since 2000. Declining employment is partly due to increases in efficiency and automation as the industry tries to increase productivity while reducing costs, including labour. However the growth of the housing market means there is a higher demand for landscaping and garden services.

Not only does this affect those who work as gardeners, where there is a shortage of workers during the peak season, but there are also opportunities for specialist growers such as flower bulb producers. The report also points out that while the number of permanent jobs is dropping, the use of flexible workers in agriculture and horticulture has increased to compensate. Currently nearly a fifth of employment in the agricultural sector consists of flexible workers.

Photo Caption: Cost reduction measures are reducing full time employment opportunities

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

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