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School children barely eating 1 of 5-a-day

A quarter of secondary school age children eat less than one portion of veg a day, according to a recent survey by the Food Foundation. The claim came in its November Veg Facts briefing which also highlighted issues such as the increasing reliance on fresh produce and the need for labour to harvest UK vegetables.

Anna Taylor, from the Food Foundation, told the Sunday Times, “We are facing a massive diet-related crisis among our young people. They are eating the same level of veg as in the 1970s. The five-a-day campaign has had no impact.

“The combination of higher food prices and pressure on UK horticulture production, in a situation where our children are already eating much too little veg, threatens to make our children’s diets even worse than they already are.”

Laura Sandys, former MP and Chair of the Food Foundation added, “Our food system makes it too hard for us to eat enough veg. 5 A Day is a great consumer awareness campaign but it has had no impact on our consumption of veg, which has gone down in recent years. Veg needs a major facelift with the best brains in advertising needed to make it a super desirable treat.”

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