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Defra criticised for importing food

Despite its recent launch of the ‘Great British Food Unit’ to promote the sale of British produce, recent statistics have revealed that the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) building in London sources 44% of its food from overseas producers.

The revelation came in answer to a written question from shadow environment, food and rural affairs minister Nick Smith who described the findings as, “Disappointing and surprising.”

According to Defra, between January and March this year just 56 per cent of the food sourced for Nobel House in London came from British producers, a rise of 4 per cent on the previous three months.

A Defra spokesperson said, “Defra is committed to buying British, which is where 100% of our bacon, sausages, beef, lamb, turkey, cabbage, cauliflowers, swede, carrots, milk and yoghurt come from. We also promote in season British fruit and veg. While there will always be foods we have to import, like bananas, tea and coffee, we know more can be done which is why central government have committed to buying fresh, locally sourced, seasonal food by 2017.”

Photo Credit: Nick Smith MP

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