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Norfolk Radishes Get Underway in New Facility

Radish has been one of the fastest growing categories in UK salads in recent years and now one of the UK’s largest producers: G’s Growers has opened a new washing and grading line at Feltwell Growers in Norfolk.

The new 980sq meter building, which houses five new lines to wash and grade the pack, was constructed in less than six months, despite one of the harshest winters that Norfolk has seen in recent years.

“Production of UK radish traditionally starts on St Georges Day, so given the cooler than average weather conditions through February and March we are pleased to have UK crop being trialled through the new line,” explained Scott Watson, general manager of G’s Feltwell Growers.

The new packing facility is the latest in a series of investments by G’s in its radish business over the past 10 years and the company says it has a range of exciting radish based NPD due to launch through the course of the summer that should encourage shoppers to take a lot more interest in the category. It will also continue to support its ongoing Love Radish PR campaign (www.loveradish.co.uk).

Photo Caption: Some of the new radish grading lines

Photo Credit: G’s Growers

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Student develops salad harvester

A student at Cambridge University has won an industry award for developing a new concept for salad harvesting.

Armand de Durfort, a graduate from Ecole Polytechnique who has just completed his MPhil in Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management at the University of Cambridge, developed his SoftHarvest system in cooperation with G’s Growers.

“The first challenge was to teach the harvester to recognise the lettuce and distinguish it from other green plants. The second was for it to pick the lettuce and cut it near to the ground without damaging it,” he explained.

“Our approach is to develop the vision recognition and control software and integrate this with a two-armed robot. By using existing hardware and adding considerable value with the application-specific software we aim to mitigate the risk of investment and provide a three-year return on investment.”

Presenting the Student award as part of Agri-Tech East’s GROW competition, Dr Belinda Clarke, said, “There is significant and growing demand for automation in agriculture as we move towards greater precision in all areas of the industry. Armand De Durfort produced a well researched business plan based on his direct experience of working with a commercial grower. It shows an appreciation of the narrow profit margins in this competitive market and the technology is inspirational.”

Photo Caption: Left-Right: David Langton (Agrii), Armand de Durfort (Softharvest), Phil Wigge (Pinpoint Phenomics), Belinda Clarke (Agri-Tech East)

Photo Credit: Agritech-East


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