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Dutch retailer introduces produce ‘happy hour’

Dutch supermarket HEMA, which entered the UK market last summer, has introduced a ‘happy hour’ to boost sales of its increasing range of fresh foods, including fruits and vegetables.

Traditionally HEMA has focused on home wares, but is expanding its food offering. By offering 25 per cent off certain fresh products during the last hour of trading each day the company should also reduce waste while highlighting its expanding fresh food offer.

The company said it was responding to the trend of customers making the most of increased opening hours and shopping more towards the end of the day. A spokesperson explained, “The aim of the strategy was to highlight the company’s expanding fresh offering as well as to reduce food wastage. Customers are still not sufficiently familiar with the fact that we offer fresh produce and one of our strategic goals is to focus on fresh and honest food that we want to make more accessible to people.”

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