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Baby kale launch backed by advertising campaign

Bagged salad producer Florette is reportedly spending £600,000 on marketing its new Baby Kale product, with a range of adverts in the food press, on billboards and online. The company hopes to attract consumers who are already familiar with curly kale which has become increasing fashionable as a healthy foodstuff over the last year.

One key area of the campaign is the London Underground, which will feature both platform billboards and digital advertising on escalators. According to the company, the addition of kale to its single leaf product range could be worth as much as £3.3 million.Elaine Smith, marketing controller at Florette, said, “We believe that the positive positioning as a versatile ingredient, as well as a super-food, will help to deliver incremental purchase occasions and incremental cash value to the rest of the single salad leaf category.

“More consumers than ever are realising the benefits of super-foods and with continued celebrity endorsement, curly kale is a firm favourite. Our latest creation puts a spin on this popular super leaf, which in its traditional form has to be cooked before eating. Baby Kale can be eaten raw in salads and smoothies – as well as being cooked, so it’s never been easier to enjoy all the health benefits of kale.”

The new packs are available from various retailers, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s Waitrose and Ocado.

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