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Baby leaf harvesting and sorting machine unveiled

What is claimed to be the world’s first baby leaf harvester with automatic sorting capabilities has been demonstrated in a field of spinach grown by Toro Verde near Cartagena in Spain.

The Bellavista harvester is a joint venture between Parma-based Raytec Vision, specialists in automatic and visual sorting equipment, and new Italian company Gemini SRL. According to the manufacturers Bellavista can sort foreign bodies directly in the field thanks to a Near Infrared (NIR) vision system and chlorophyll analysis. This aspect is performed by Raytec Vision’s Rayfly optical sorting technology which is capable of preventing sunlight interference with the vision analysis.

More than 15 different companies attended the demonstration of the machine which uses a 75 hp EPA-certified engine, coupled to a four-wheel drive system with intelligent traction control. Reports suggest that particular attention has been paid to operator efficiency with comfortable seating, positioned strategically to provide clear and uninterrupted view of the harvesting operations and a large colour touch screen monitor.

“Bellavista is not only synonymous with quality, efficiency and safety, it is also distinguished by a particular attention to comfort,” commented Marcos Pincu of Raytec. “Driving is also in a strategic position to control all the harvesting operations, ensuring a complete visual on the cutting area, on the conveyor, the beater as well as the unloading area.”

Photo Credit: YouTube / Raytec Vision

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Extending shelf life of leafy greens

A novel way to extend the shelf life of leafy crops including lettuce, cabbage, celery, spinach and parsley has been presented at the recent 19th Agritech Israel exhibition in Tel Aviv.

Invented by Dr. Rivka Elbaum of Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences in Rehovot and being brought to market by the University’s Yissum technology transfer company, they system uses a solution into which the produce is dipped, which then delays deterioration of the produce.

Yissum CEO Yaacov Michlin said, “The novel method invented by Dr. Elbaum is a simple, low-cost solution for delaying senescence in leafy greens, thereby increasing their shelf life. The method, which has been tested on lettuce, could considerably increase the profitability of leafy greens, which comprise a large fraction of the fresh vegetable market.”

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