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UK grown Kwanza raspberries hit market

Raspberry variety Kwanza has been grown in the UK for the first time.

The primocane variety which was bred by Advanced Berry Breeding and is licenced by Meiosis has been produced in Spain for a number of years and marketed through Rodanto. Now Green Valley Berries, who grow the crop in Spain from September to July, have begun UK production.

Edward Velasco, CEO of Rodanto, said, “We’re hoping in this first year, and since it is a trial, to produce somewhere in the region of 20,000 kilograms. Harvesting of this year’s plants has only recently commenced and we expect to continue to harvest while the temperatures and weather permits.”

He added, “Kwanza has proved in these past few years to have an excellent sweet flavour and large sized berries with a bright and attractive colour which really makes them stand out from the rest.”

Meiosis describes the variety as, “An exciting new primocane raspberry with excellent yields for autumn cropping. Kwanza produces fruit of superb size, quality, flavour and shelf life.”

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