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Bransford Webbs sends zero waste to landfill

The Bransford Webbs Plant Company has announced that, working in conjunction with its in conjunction with its waste collection contractor Smiths of Gloucester, it is now a zero to landfill business.

As well as being at the forefront of the industry initiative to replace black plastic pots with a taupe kerbside-recyclable alternative, all the company’s waste which would traditionally have gone to landfill, is now being diverted through other means, including Energy from Waste (where it is burnt at over 850oC to generate heat to produce electricity) and Refuse Derived from Fuel (produced by sorting and processing solid general waste which is shredded and baled up to be used as fuel). Any unburnt waste collects as bottom ash and can be used in recycled building materials. In additional, all emissions from energy-from-waste generation are carefully controlled.

In a statement, Bransford Webbs said that were, “Very proud of their environmental credentials and have achieved the BS8555 accreditation for environmental management for ten consecutive years, having first achieved this important certification back in 2008. Our environmental objectives are reviewed and updated on an annual basis.”

Among other targets, the company has reduced its use of peat, and catches and reuses all the rainwater which falls on the glasshouses and buildings.

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Hillier recruits trainees

Hillier Nurseries has taken on four new trainee growers as part of its ongoing investment in its production team.

The trainees, who have been selected based on their horticultural skills and passion to learn, are now working across the entire Hillier nursery business. As well as practical skills, their training includes internally delivered modules such as Plant Physiology & Nomenclature, Pest & Disease Recognition, and Control, Crop Irrigation and Nutrition.

Inspiring future generations is a key aim for the company and its Nurseries trainee grower programme allows passing on of age-old growing techniques and experience as a foundation to develop the latest technologies and innovations.

Charles Carr, Head of Wholesale Nurseries at Hillier, said, “We strongly believe in investing in people, which is why our team is constantly evolving. Our four new recruits have made a great start and we look forward to helping their horticultural careers grow.”

Sarah Mills, Head of Wholesale at Hillier, commented, “Hillier is proud of our new trainee growers who all bring with them enthusiasm, horticultural knowledge and the ambition to do a great job. They will work, learn and develop alongside our already strong and focused nursery team.”

Photo caption: The new Hillier Nurseries trainees

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Dundonald Nurseries expands

Northern Irish company Dundonald Nurseries, which is based in Co. Down, has expanded, including the addition of new garden centre and warehouse facilities.

In the five years the company, which was established in 1963 and which now supplies Tesco, the Henderson Group and a range of independent outlets and florists across Northern Ireland, has grown from three staff to 60 and also runs an award-winning restaurant and gift shop.

“Having started out with one small van, the wholesale nursery aspect of our business now requires four large lorries to service our wholesale customers across the country, reflecting the focus we have placed on a high-quality service and products,” said owner Malcolm McCully.

“Over the past 55 years, the business has expanded steadily because we are continuously innovating to keep up with changing consumer requirements. We are proud of our growth and recently purchased additional land off-site to build a new-state-of the-art glasshouse complex, equipped with the latest growing technology for plants. This is just the latest stage in our investment programme and with the support of First Trust Bank, we have additional growth plans in place to renovate the basement of our restaurant into a function room to offer a new private space for hire.”

Photo caption: Malcolm McCully of Dundonald Nurseries (right) with Catherine O’Keefe of First Trust Bank, who provided finance for the expansion.

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