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New cleaning unit from Tong Peal

Tong Peal Engineering has launched what it calls a new innovation in crop cleaning with the EasyClean Hydro-Sep unit.

The EasyClean Hydro-Sep has been designed for processing lines to give growers, processors and packers exceptionally effective cleaning results, while helping to reduce wear and tear on packhouse equipment by removing potentially damaging sand, stones and debris from the crop at the beginning of the handling process.

Incorporating the proven EasyClean separator, which is fitted to Tong Peal’s Caretaker grader, the EasyClean Hydro-Sep combines the separating capabilities of the EasyClean with the company’s best-selling destoner. This unique combination of a traditionally dry separator, with a Jacuzzi-style water-filled destoner creates a wet cleaning, destoning and debris removal process that allows extraction of soil, stones, haulm and debris from a wide variety of root crops including carrots, parsnips, potatoes, red beet, celeriac and more.

Crop and debris is fed into the water-filled destoner tank where stones and large clods are instantly removed as they sink to the bottom of the Jacuzzi-style tank whilst crop and other floating debris pass over to the EasyClean separator. The wet crop is then separated from any remaining debris and straw or haulm, as it is effectively extracted by the finely-tuned configuration of the EasyClean’s deformable fluted rollers and clod rollers. This initiates a pre-wash process, resulting in an exceptionally clean load of crop ready for processing, with all stones and debris removed.

The machine has been successfully trialled on carrots, parsnips and potatoes by MH Poskitts Ltd in Yorkshire.

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