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All-new Landini orchard/vineyard tractors for National Fruit Show

An all-new range of Landini orchard and vineyard tractors will be launched at the National Fruit Show in October.

The new Rex 4 Series tractors bring a greater choice of models, new transmission configurations (including three-speed powershift on power shuttle versions) an improved operator environment in the new cab and optional front axle suspension for the first time. They can be recognised by a sleek new appearance.

In terms of overall size, base configurations and power outputs, the new Landini Rex 4 Series mirrors the current Rex. The ‘F’ models are narrow orchard tractors (down to 1.3m wide), the ‘GE’ versions (minimum operating width 1.35m) have a have a lower stance for added stability, and the ‘GT’ has the wider axles and larger wheel options suitable for wide orchards. In addition, the new ‘V’ models can be configured down to just 1m wide.

A 2.9-litre compact four-cylinder engine provides the power, meeting emissions rules without exhaust filtration or urea injection. It provides 12-15% more torque at the lower end, which the manufacturer says translates into livelier performance under load with attractive fuel economy. The engine is coupled to a new Eco 40kph transmission with four-speed PTO options. Larger fuel tanks, the option of a suspension front axle, and all new cab layouts complete the revamp.

Photo Caption: The new Rex 4 Series vineyard models can get down to 1m yet there is a 111hp version

Photo Credit: Landini

New tractor finance from John Deere

John Deere Financial has announced a new finance programme for customers of its compact tractor range in the UK.

This includes the 1R, 2R, 3R and 4R Series models with power outputs from 25 to 66hp. Some models also have a choice of AutoConnect drive-over rotary mower decks and, on selected models, the company’s award-winning Hitch Assist system, which makes coupling up implements and trailers to the tractor’s rear hitch quicker, easier and safer.

Available to business customers until further notice, the finance offer is for 4 + 44 monthly repayments at an overall flat interest rate per annum of only 1 per cent, based on 60 per cent of the recommended retail price. Using the example of its smallest model, the 1026R, John Deere Financial says that an initial financed payment of £586.16 would be followed by 44 payments of £146.54, based on a retail price of £11,273 and a net deposit of £2029.20, giving a representative APR of just 3 per cent. The VAT can be paid in total on signing a hire purchase agreement, or on each payment on a finance lease scheme.

“This tractor finance offer is ahead of anything else currently available on the market,” says John Deere Limited turf division manager Chris Meacock. “Financing new equipment in this way can help any business to forecast and fix its capital investment costs, while also taking advantage of the latest available technology.”

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