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Exciting new varieties from summer fruiting raspberry trials

AHDB Horticulture is highlighting the benefits of variety trials on new raspberry varieties funded by the levy board.

“Exciting work coming out of the latest summer fruiting raspberry variety trials means that soft fruit growers have increased access to delicious and profitable selections,” says AHDB Knowledge Exchange manager Scott Raffle. “Over the years, the UK Raspberry Breeding Programme has produced many competitive new varieties. The trial allowed the performance of a wide variety of selections to be compared to industry standards, Tulameen and Octavia.”

He says that of particular note were Squamish, Glen Carron, Glen Dee and two late selections from NIAB EMR, all of which he described as “outstanding.” Canadian variety Squamish produces unusually high yields for an early variety and has a low chilling requirement compared to Tulameen.

“Glen Carron (formerly 0485K-1) produces a very high quality raspberry that is consistently larger than Tulameen,” adds Scott. “It does have a high chilling requirement, but it could perform well when used in sequential plantings of cold stored long canes. Glen Dee offers a late season replacement to Octavia with very large berry size, high yields and high fruit quality.”

The trials also suggest that two NIAB EMR selections (EM6805/142 and EM 6804/81) could replace Octavia, producing higher yields than the long established standard. Two selections from Washington State University (WSU 1605 and WSU 1607) are also interesting.

“With more selections becoming available each year, growers are encouraged to seize the opportunity to compare some of the new outstanding varieties and selections with their own production systems,” stresses Scott, who recommends that growers download the AHDB Summer Fruiting Raspberry Variety Trial factsheet.

Photo Caption: Glen Carron was one of the varieties highlighted by Scott Raffle

Photo Credit: James Hutton Limited

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Bejo Oped Days are a ‘must attend’ event

Once again the world’s vegetable industry descended on the small Dutch town of Warmenhuizen for Bejo’s annual Open Days, held between the 26th and 30th September. The must sees: our True Potato seed variety Oliver F1, B-Mox, our bee program, carrot experts from all over the world presenting at our Carrot Symposium and a glimpse into the future of Bejo! In 2017 more people than ever visited from around the world, with guests coming from across Asia, the Americas, Africa, Australasia and of course Europe….

My full article, written for Bejo Zaden can be found here.

Planning underway for NIAB salad trials

The British Leafy Salads Association (BLSA) says that planning is well underway for the forthcoming Leafy Salad Variety Trials which will be held at G’s Fresh, Barway Road, Barway, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 5TZ on Wednesday 1st July 2015.

Aimed at BLSA and HDC members, the day includes three interactive workshops in the morning, with Peter White of Soil Moisture Sense talking about soil moisture monitoring, Tim Lacey of Bayer discussing modes of action and the use of biologicals and Chris Marrow of Elsoms talking about seed treatment technologies.

In the afternoon delegates will have the opportunity to visit over 70 variety plots demonstrated by representatives from key seed houses and will have the opportunity to ask them questions. There will also be a demonstration from Dr Robert Simmons of Cranfield University looking at soil structure and the ARTIS training team will be running a course taster quiz.

To register your attendance please contact Julie Foyster at the BLSA Office by email: julie.foyster@britishgrowers.org or telephone 01507 353792.

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Swiss to trial GM potato

The Swiss Federal Office for the Environment has given permission for scientists to carry out crop trials involving genetically modified (GM) potatoes which are resistant to late blight at a site at Reckenholz near Zurich.

The Agroscope research centre will be able to start planting the potatoes from late at the end of April and the field experiments should run until 2019 at the latest.

Initially crops will be planted in a 10m x 20m area, which will be extended next year. The risk that GM pollen may spread is much lower among potatoes than for other species, said scientists at Agroscope. The field will still be protected by security guards, fences and cameras after activists destroyed a GM wheat crop being tested at the Zurich site in 2008.

Environmental NGO Greenpeace has publicly criticised the project, saying, “Every centime invested in the development of GM food is a badly invested centime.”

Anti-GM group Coordination Stop OGM added, “Limited research funds shouldn’t be invested in trials that offer no solution for Switzerland.”

The scientists aim to develop potatoes that are resistant to blight, and Dutch researchers have already successfully tested similar potatoes.

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