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New Dutch greenhouse alliance

The five biggest growers’ associations in The Netherlands have agreed to a new partnership under the name Federatie Vruchtgroente Organisaties (the Dutch Federation of Fruiting Vegetable Associations) or FVO.

The new group claims to represent more than 70 per cent of all Dutch greenhouse crops and is working alongside the Dutch government and Rabobank to restructure and develop greenhouse horticulture in the Netherlands.

Headed by former Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality Cees Veerman, the group will work to implement the recommendations of the McKinsey report published in late 2014 which warned that much of the sector was struggling. “We are not out to achieve overnight results with this process but are taking a more in-depth, careful and deliberate approach. We are pleased that the foundation has been laid,” commented Mr Veerman.

The five growers’ associations behind the Dutch Federation of Fruiting Vegetable Associations are: Best of Four, DOOR, The Greenery, Harvest House and Van Nature.

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