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Cloth filtration unit for irrigation water

QEP Holland has announced a series of cloth filter units, made by Canadian company Zwart Systems, which filter various types of contaminated fluid in zero run off systems.

The system features a non-pressurized system which the company claims is economical, eco-friendly and easy to operate. The contaminated liquid flows through the filter fabric supported by a conveyor belt. When the filtered contaminants minimize the liquid flow, the rising liquid level actuates a float switch that runs the conveyor gear motor. The used fabric is automatically discharged in a waste bin and can be disposed of in an eco-friendly way. The cloth filtration system provides a highly efficient and reliable way of removing solids from process liquids. It features a non pressurized system which is economical and easy to operate.

QEP Holland is the only outlet outside North-America that supplies the cloth filtration system straight from the source.

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