Ukraine bans Spanish leafy vegetables

From the start of this month (March 2016) Ukraine has banned the importation of leafy vegetables from Spain.

According to the Director of the Phytosanitary Inspection Service of Ukraine, Vitali Romanchenko, the measure is necessary because of “repeated violation of phytosanitary protocols by Spanish products at border controls.”

The decision affects broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, endive, escarole and cabbage, as well as other varieties of Baby Leaf salad, which Spanish exporters supplied to Ukraine both fresh and refrigerated.

As Spain is Europe’s largest producer of brassicas and similar crops over the winter, Ukraine is likely to seek alternatives sources in North Africa. “If Spain is not suited to export to Ukraine, it remains to be seen whether other countries outside the EU will be able to guarantee the food safety standards Ukraine demands,” said one Spanish exporter.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

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