Warm autumn bringing forward UK asparagus

A field of asparagus in Evesham is reportedly sprouting five months early due to the warm autumn weather.

According to newspaper reports, a single 600g bundle, which was grown by Mark Meadows, was sold for £24 at Evesham Auctions last Thursday (19 November) with the money raised going to charity. It was brought by farm shop owner Chris Groves who said he would share it with his wife.

He added, “All the old boys at the market, who have been growing asparagus in the Vale for decades all agreed it was the latest they had ever heard of. When it was brought to market everyone gathered around and agreed it had never been known.”

It is believed the plants had sprouted due to the recent mild weather, making it the earliest, or latest, crop recorded in the UK.

Photo Credit: Picserver

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