Richard Crowhurst - Freelance writer specialising in horticulture, agriculture and renewablesAfter growing up on fruit and vegetable farms in Kent, Richard Crowhurst graduated from Wye College (University of London) with a Degree in Horticulture. He then enjoyed a successful career in the fresh produce industry, first as an agronomist and technical manager working with soft fruit and root crops in Scotland, before heading south again. As a technical manager for potato suppliers in the East Midlands he liaised directly with growers, packers, suppliers and multiple retailers.

This commercial horticultural experience has given him an excellent undertsanding of many aspects of farming, crop protection and plant breeding.

The arrival of his daughter in 2004 coincided with a change of career and he began writing for publications including The Vegetable Farmer, Grower and Potato Review. In early 2006 he co-founded the bioenergy information service Enagri, which he ran until the end of 2014 alongsideĀ his writing activities.

He has written hundreds of articles for trade publications, together with copy-writing for a range of companies from local SMEs to large PR agencies and listed companies. He is also a keen photographer and takes most of the images which are used to accompany his articles in the press*.

Richard lives in the Lincolnshire fens with his wife, daughter, long-legged Basset hound and a mad cat, but he regularly travels around the UK and further afield with his work.

* All the images used on this site (apart from the Blog pages) have been taken by Richard.