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Aldi to open doors to farmers during Red Tractor Week

Discount supermarket Aldi has pledged to help support Red tractor week, with members of the scheme visiting Aldi stores in Bramley, Caerphilly, Enfield, Salford, Cowes and Edgbaston.

Farmers will meet customers and talk about how products are farmed and produced during

Red Tractor Week, which aims to highlight the standards behind the scheme and encourage shoppers to buy Red Tractor-labelled food and back British farmers.

Aldi says it is ‘committed to building long-term relationships’ with farmers, suppliers and growers and was the first supermarket to sign up to the NFU Fruit & Veg Pledge. Tony Baines, Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi, said, “We are proud to be able to offer our customers high quality, Red Tractor assured products, which recognise the best of British.

“We look forward to welcoming Red Tractor farmers to our stores to share their knowledge and experience with our consumers, and also to reinforce the fact that you don’t have to break the bank to buy responsibly sourced, quality food products.”

Photo Caption: Aldi is supporting Red Tractor Week

Photo Credit: Aldi


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Flower Show Forum returns for gardening clubs to review the fruits of their labours

Gardening clubs and horticultural societies from Dorset, Somerset and beyond are currently reviewing the success of this year’s flower and horticultural show calendar, as they prepare for the second Flower Show Forum of the year, being held at Castle Gardens on Thursday 15 September. Following the momentum gained at the inaugural forum in March, where gardening clubs, horticultural societies and flower show organisers shared their concerns and devised a plan to rejuvenate membership and revive the traditional shows, Mike Burks, managing director of The Gardens Group, will chair this second Flower Show Forum in Sherborne, Dorset.

Mike explains; “I am really looking forward to hearing how the advice given by our panel, which included Susie Corr from the Royal Horticultural Society’s Affiliated Societies team, has been implemented by these clubs and societies. It will be a really valuable exercise to review what worked and what didn’t, as we gather to evaluate and reassess the barriers that shows are still coming up against. These discussion points will help shape the topics for the next forum, which is scheduled for March 2017. We will also be announcing an exciting new initiative, which we’ve been working on, as we continue in our efforts to help grow membership of gardening clubs and increase entries into shows.”

The Flower Show Forum is free to attend and will be held in The Butterfly House at Castle Gardens in Sherborne from 7pm.

Photo Credit: Iwerne Minster Produce and Horticultural Association’s Summer Show

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“Over 7,000 jobs to disappear in Dutch agriculture and horticulture”

According to a report by the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), more than 7,000 full-time jobs could disappear from Dutch agriculture and horticulture by 2020. However, there may be more opportunities for gardeners and growers.

The number of jobs in the agricultural and horticultural sectors has been falling for several years, with 51,000 full-time jobs being lost since 2000. Declining employment is partly due to increases in efficiency and automation as the industry tries to increase productivity while reducing costs, including labour. However the growth of the housing market means there is a higher demand for landscaping and garden services.

Not only does this affect those who work as gardeners, where there is a shortage of workers during the peak season, but there are also opportunities for specialist growers such as flower bulb producers. The report also points out that while the number of permanent jobs is dropping, the use of flexible workers in agriculture and horticulture has increased to compensate. Currently nearly a fifth of employment in the agricultural sector consists of flexible workers.

Photo Caption: Cost reduction measures are reducing full time employment opportunities

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

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