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BPOA outlines 10-year vision

Following a full review between last December and February, the British Protected Ornamentals Association (BPOA) has unveiled its plans for the next ten years.

Greg Hill, chairman of the BPOA, said, “With many changes occurring in the industry and the needs of our members changing, we thought it was a good time for a long look at the operation of our association and we are delighted with John’s study and the opportunity that it has given us to update our operations and make them fit for the future of the industry.”

The BPOA Management Committee has since analysed the findings of the review and it presents John Hall’s report to the membership. It is working to address the questions raised in the report and consider the recommendations for action by developing an Action Plan for implementation beginning immediately in 2017. The Action Plan will be presented to BPOA members at an extraordinary general meeting on Tuesday 17th October.

The BPOA Review, which was produced by consultant John Hall, can be read here.

Photo Credit: BPOA / NFU

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Fruit Logistica publishes Future Trends report

Fruit Logistica, the key European trade show for the fresh produce industry has published the first parts of a new four-part report on the future of the global fruit industry.

The report, which has been compiled by the Swiss think-tank, the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, was first unveiled in Berlin on the eve of this year’s Fruit Logistica. The report highlights several important developments that the fresh produce industry will need to be aware of between now and 2025.

According to Wilfried Wollbold, Fruit Logistica global brand manager, “This trend analysis is our way of thanking all fresh produce industry customers and partners. They have supported Fruit Logistica over the last 25 years and helped make it the leading fresh produce industry business platform.”

Fruit Trade 2025: Part 1 – Key Trends and Drivers and Part 2 — Production Trends can be downloaded from the Fruit Logistica website. Parts Three and Four will be published in May and June respectively.

Photo Credit: Fruit Logistica

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European potato production predicted to increase this year

AHDB Potatoes reports that, ‘The first potato area estimate from the North-Western European Potato Growers (NEPG) region suggests a possible increase of 3.6% compared with last season.’

According to the report, the increase would have been even larger, but was curtailed due to the restricted availability of certified seed resulting from lower crop yields last year. Most of the increase in planting has been driven by continued demand from the European processing industry.

‘It is important to note is that the GB proportion of the 2017 area estimate is based on an historical average. The NEPG area estimate is therefore likely to change as more information becomes available,’ added AHDB Potatoes. In order to foresee potential production possibilities for the NEPG region, AHDB has calculated different scenarios based on the 572,000 ha estimate. These range from 25.19 million tonnes based on historic low yields of 44 t/ha, to 29.83 million tonnes based on historic highs.

AHDB analysis suggests that if the current area estimate is realised, production is likely to increase across the NEPG area, even if the yields achieved are similar to the lows of 2012, which was an usually low yielding year. Conditions will determine final planting figures, although many countries are reported to have had ‘ideal’ conditions and made good starts.

Photo Caption: Graph showing historic and predicted planting areas

Photo Credit: AHDB & NEPG

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