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Rijk Zwaan to focus on sustainability at Fruit Logistica

Rijk Zwaan is using this year’s Fruit Logistica event in February to showcase its corporate social responsibility, and illustrate how this is driving new innovations in fresh produce with the theme of ‘Innovating for Sustainability.’

Rijk Zwaan has linked its sustainability objectives to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular the goals to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition (SDG2), to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth (SDG8), to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns (SDG12) and to strengthen partnerships (SDG17). The company says that each innovation on display at Fruit Logistica can contribute to a more sustainable world in some way.

Rijk Zwaan points out that tasty and attractive ‘snack vegetables’ stimulate healthy eating, with its My Cubies One Bite cucumber being one example. Its Snack Lettuce©, which won the Accelera Fresh Produce Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award at Fruit Attraction 2018, is also ideal as an edible spoon for hot snacks which can help avoid waste when eating on the go.

Further waste reduction is provided by Rijk Zwaan’s Knox trait which reduces pinking in fresh-cut lettuce and can therefore extend the shelf life. In courgettes, the Longvita concept also reduces suboptimal product waste by producing varieties which look fresh, shiny and appealing for longer after harvest, adding value through the supply chain.

In a statement the company also highlighted how the increasing use of hydroponic production can reduce resource use and crop protection requirements, adding that crystal lettuce varieties Salatrio®and Salanova®are ideal in such circumstances.

Photo Credit: Rijk Zwaan

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Fruit Logistica publishes Future Trends report

Fruit Logistica, the key European trade show for the fresh produce industry has published the first parts of a new four-part report on the future of the global fruit industry.

The report, which has been compiled by the Swiss think-tank, the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, was first unveiled in Berlin on the eve of this year’s Fruit Logistica. The report highlights several important developments that the fresh produce industry will need to be aware of between now and 2025.

According to Wilfried Wollbold, Fruit Logistica global brand manager, “This trend analysis is our way of thanking all fresh produce industry customers and partners. They have supported Fruit Logistica over the last 25 years and helped make it the leading fresh produce industry business platform.”

Fruit Trade 2025: Part 1 – Key Trends and Drivers and Part 2 — Production Trends can be downloaded from the Fruit Logistica website. Parts Three and Four will be published in May and June respectively.

Photo Credit: Fruit Logistica

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‘Knox’ wins top Fruit Logistica award

Rijk Zwaan has been awarded with the Fruit Logistica Award for its Knox™ innovation which is a natural trait which delays discolouration.

Over 70,000 visitors to the trade fair were invited to vote for their favourite out of ten nominees. “This award is the icing on the cake following more than ten years of intensive breeding work. We wholeheartedly thank the visitors for their votes and our chain partners for their faith in Knox,” comments Bauke van Lenteren, Marketing Specialist Leafies.

Knox was first introduced in September 2015 after more than a decade of breeding work. Benefits for the whole supply chain include less waste during processing and sale. The trait can also encourage consumers to purchase fresh-cut lettuce more often because it now has a longer shelf life.

“Thanks to everyone who voted for us and a special thank-you to our team, of course. And last but not least, I’d like to thank all our partners in the value-added chain – they’ve helped us by explaining the benefits of our development,” added Jan Doldersum, Manager Marketing and Business Development at Rijk Zwaan Distribution B.V.

The company says that the roll-out of Knox will continue throughout 2017. Processing companies in the UK, Switzerland, Poland, Australia and the USA are already working with Knox lettuce varieties, and growers, vegetable processing companies and retailers in other countries are in the midst of trials.

Photo Caption: The Rijk Zwaan team celebrate their win at Fruit Logistica.

Photo Credit: Rijk Zwaan.

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Bedfordshire Growers launch dried sweet onion

Grower co-operative Bedfordshire Growers launched a new product at Fruit Logistica last week: dried sweet red onions.

Managing Director Stephen Hedderly told reporters that the product was produced simply by dehydrating the company’s sweet red onions without any additives and that they could be used as a healthy alternative to fried onions or even as a snack instead of crisps or nuts.

“We have customers all over the world but there is always a grade of product that people don’t want, and this is a way of using that product,” he said. “We launched the red sweet onions two years ago on Valentine’s Day, and we have overachieved on sales. We’re very pleased.”

Photo Caption: Sweet red onions were first introduced by Bedfordshire Growers two years ago.

Photo Credit: Bedfordshire Growers.

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