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Dutch fruit and veg trade breaks records

According to reports the Dutch produce industry has a record breaking 2015.

The value of imports increased by 7 per cent to €5.1 billion, while the value of production rose by 13 per cent to €3.4 billion, compared to the previous year. However Dutch exports of fruit and vegetables and domestic consumers bought 3 per cent less fresh vegetables and a 0.5 per cent less fresh fruit over the period. Some of this decline was due to poor availability of vegetables for international markets due to weather conditions in the spring and summer, although this also had the effect of raising prices.

The country also had a good year in terms of exports, despite the ongoing Russian embargo. China, Vietnam, Panama and Brazil were among several countries to open their borders to Dutch products and industry sources said that Dutch onions were exported to 120 countries in 2015.

Photo Credit: Richard Crowhurst

This post first appeared in HortNews.