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Sales double at juice firm

Juice producer The Juice Executive says that sales have doubled in the last year with turnover increasing by £600,000 to just over £1 million.

The Kent-based company, which was started by 23 year old Alex Auger in her garage in 2014, produces more than 40 different organic juices and sells online and through independent retailers.

“I originally started off in my garage and was dropping samples off to some of the big financial services companies,” explained Alex. “It kind of snowballed since then and the time was right to put in some better practices that will allow me to concentrate on growth, whilst having a structured approach to securing and developing the best talent.

“We’ve just done the figures and we hit £1.01m in 2017, a £600,000 increase on the previous year. This has come from more retailers looking for us to contract manufacture their juices and a desire from independent coffee houses keen to co-brand their own great tasting range of juices. The plan is to grow by another 30 per cent in the coming year.”

Photo Caption: Alex Auger of The Juice Executive.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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