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Patterned sticky roll captures more thrips

Welsh-based IPM manufacturer Russell IPM has said that recent experiences in South American trials has reinforced the benefits of using its Optiroll Super patterned sticky strip trap compared to non-patterned alternatives.

These recent results have been gathered at protected carnation and rose growers in Ecuador. According to the company, Mr Galo Pita V. who has been conducting the trials, found ‘some extremely positive results, with Optiroll Super capturing 450% more thrips than the control. Additionally, the protection was seen to increase substantially as infestation levels increased.’

An additional trial measured the capture rate in a range of flowers where Optiroll Super was found to significantly suppress insect populations when compared to a conventional chemical application. Mr Pita V. Commented, “The traps act as barriers to the relocation of the thrips, to reduce the opportunity for migration and mating which ultimately reduces the population and spread of the fly and of course this works to protect the flowers from damage.”

The patterned sticky roll was developed by Russell IPM after the company noticed that trapped insects were found mostly at the edge of their non-patterned sticky roll, being attracted to the contrasting colours of the border.

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