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Waitrose moves to 100% UK sweetcorn

West Sussex based Barfoots has begun harvesting the English sweetcorn crop and the weather has helped supermarket Waitrose which is preparing to stock 100 per cent fresh British sweetcorn over the next couple of months.

Workers at Sefter Farm near Bognor Regis began harvesting the first of the crop at the end of July. Despite the weekend’s rainy weather, the glorious temperatures in June made for perfect growing conditions, resulting in a bumper crop of British sweetcorn.

Patrick Keane, Waitrose buyer commented, “All eyes are on South America this summer when it comes to food, home to some of the tastiest sweetcorn recipes, but with our own sweetcorn tasting this good, Bognor is giving Brazil a run for its money! Sweetcorn is robust enough to cook on the barbecue and makes great finger food, which is what the summer dining is all about.”

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