UK could get potash mine

Sirius Minerals is closer to developing a £1.5bn potash mine under the North York Moors National Park after planning officers informed the company that their report, which will be presented to North York Moors National Park Authority on 30 June, is likely to include an ‘open recommendation’ for the Authority’s members to consider. This means that it will be for the members to make a determination based on the relevant planning considerations.

Dubbed York Potash, if approved the project will develop the first new potash mine in the UK for 40 years near Whitby, mining an area extending about 16 km inland from the coast and up to 14 km off shore.

The Project is targeting the production of polyhalite, a naturally occurring mineral containing four of the six macro-nutrients required for plant growth (potassium, sulphur, magnesium and calcium). Initially, the saleable products will take the form of powdered or granulated polyhalite that can be used as a directly applied fertilizer which is proven to be suitable for widespread commercial farming, including organic farming.

Once fully operational the company says that York Potash could produce 13 million tonnes of polyhalite each year, making it the largest and highest grade polyhalite resource in the world.

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