Tesco re-introduces ‘Festive Five’ at even lower price

In the most recent example of extreme retailer discounting of fruit and vegetables, Tesco has reintroduced its ‘Festive Five’ fresh produce promotion on key lines, but at a sale price 20 per cent less than last year.

The promotion includes 2.5 kg of white potatoes, 1kg packs of carrots, 500 g packs of Brussels sprouts and parsnips and whole cauliflowers at a retail price of just 39p. A Tesco spokesperson told The Grocer, “The Festive Five offers shoppers great value deals on great quality produce.”

The promotion is seen as a direct response to Aldi’s long-running Super Six and the Co-Op’s Fresh Three promotions, both of which share the 39p price point since. However, with produce always selling well over the festive period, in particular potatoes, carrots and sprouts, many in the industry will question the wisdom of taking value from key products in the hope that it is offset by increased sales. It may however help suppliers deal with a glut of cauliflowers caused by unseasonably warm weather.

Photo Credit: Tesco

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