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No-deal Brexit will lead to gap in crop availability

Riverford founder and organic grower Guy Singh-Watson has warned that a no-deal Brexit will increase the gap in crop availability from March to May.

He told reporters that the availability of many UK grown organic crops such as kale, cabbage, greens, cauliflower, carrots, parsnips, swedes, apples, onions and potatoes all come to an end in March, while the harvest of new-season produce does not start until mid-May.

“For 30 years, Riverford has struggled with this reality – we even suspend our UK-only veg box from March to June because we often cannot find eight UK-grown items to put in it,” said Mr Singh-Watson. “While at Riverford, we import 30 per cent of our produce in the fallow March-May period, as a nation, we import about 50 per cent of our fruit and vegetables. And that figure starts to rise in the New Year, reaching about 80 per cent in April before falling again in June.

“If there was a “best time for a no-deal Brexit”, it would be July to September, as any gardener could tell our politicians. Were we to leave without a deal there couldn’t be a worse time than March 29, unless you like woody swedes and sprouting potatoes!” To fill gaps in UK production Riverford has established partnerships with small-scale organic suppliers in Spain, France, Italy and further afield.2

Photo Caption: Riverford already suspends sales of its UK-only veg box from March until June.

Photo Credit: Riverford

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Riverford rebrands

Leading organic producer and box supplier Riverford has unveiled a new logo and branding which it says underlines its passion and expertise in vegetables.

The new look, which will be found across the company and its franchisees on boxes, as well as delivery vans and the company’s website features colourful hand drawn vegetables and a black carrot silhouette. It is also using the tagline and social media hashtag ‘Live Life on the Veg.’. It worked with design agency Big Fish to achieve a look which would tell the Riverford story while engaging with customers.

Riverford’s Brand & Communications Manager, Vitha Powell explained, “We want to show the world we’re mad about – and experts in – veg.  We want to put our authority about veg back at the heart of our business and think this new look and refocusing on veg will help us reach as many like-minded people as possible.”

She added, “The carrot is a distinctive, memorable shape that helps us communicate who we are and what we do. We have also changed our name very slightly from Riverford Organic Farms to Riverford Organic Farmers, to celebrate the fact that we are an independent, personal business and farmers at heart.”

Photo Credit: Riverford Organic Farmers

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